Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Plenty of progress - plenty of bills

In the last few weeks, the plasterers have finished all the walls (double layer Kalkputz upstairs and normal Putz in the cellar).  The ceilings have been done (with a thin layer of scraped plaster) and the floors are basically dry. The heat pump is running and the house is warm. It would be even better if the last huge window can be installed.

We have decided to have parkett floor upstairs as well as on the ground floor - that contract is signed and work should start quite soon.  The carpenter has been selected and the contract signed.  The kitchen equipment has been ordered (cooker, fridge, ...).  And the tiler should start soon as well.

It looks like things are rushing towards some kind of crescendo around early/mid January.  I hope we can move before the end of January.