Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Floor covering selections

We have chosen he floor covering for the new house.

On the ground floor there will be a natural lava/basalt floor in the entry area and an oak floor thoughout the rest (not in the bathroom, which will be tiled).

Left to right: lava/basalt from EG, oak from EG and carpet from OG
Oak floor from EG - no flash

Oak floor from EG - with flash

On the first floor there will be a short arched pile wool carpet (not in the bathrooms, of course).  After a bit of dithering we have gone for a warmish pale blue, but it was a close run thinh with the wasabi green.

Carpet from OG - no flash

Carpet from OG - with flash

 There will be underfloor heating throughout, just in case you wondered.

Ideas from the neighbours

Whilst visiiting nearby Schloss Schönbusch the other day, I picked up a couple of ideas for the layout of our new garden.

I think I need another word or two with the architect to see if we can squeeze something similar in by the terrace near the brook.

Montag, 24. September 2012

EHS Summer Show 2012 - Results

The EHS Late Summer Show was on 23rd - the weather held and the competition entries were extremely good.

The prizes were awarded as follows:
  • Best root vegetable - Richard S
  • Best other vegetable - Phil W
  • Best fruit - Tom S
  • Most attractive bunch of cut flowers - Richard S (although could easily have gone to the dahlias, if you ask me)
  • Best junior - Myla H
  • Best home made produce - Jochen G
  • EHS special prize (red devil chilis from supplied seeds) - Simon E
  • Helernus award for the biggest specimen - Simon E (giant pumpkin)
  • Best in show - Stephen T (cake, but it was a close run thing)
Highlights of the show were the home made fruity brews and the knock-out home made chocolate truffles.  The judge was kind enough to also bring seeds for participants to take away in order to grow a butterfly atrracting bed of flowers for next year.

Our thanks to the organising committee (ha ha ha) and let's hope we have a good time again next year.