Mittwoch, 27. März 2013


Looking back towards the site from the corner opprosite Ring Str. and Blueten Weg
Thanks to some iPod magic, we captured this panorama yesterday.  Right in the centre is me taking a picture of something or other.

Views from the cellar roof

We were able to grab a few pictures yesterday during a sunny spell at the site.
First shuttering in place for main element of retaining wall

Entrance to cellar - just missing some stairs

Safety aware builders have put a coke bottle over one of the spikes

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Hole dug for foundations of first retaining wall

Because one edge of the plot runs along a stream (the Riedsbach) we need to stop the house, garden, carport, etc. sliding down into it.  There will be three parallel but slightly off-set retaining walls running along the edge of the plot, on after the other.

Today the builders have finished digging the hole for the foundation plate for the first wall.  The foundation plate is 2m wide and about 9m long.  Sitting on the reinforced foundations (on the left hand side) will be a reinforced concrete wall 3.8m high and 9 m long - this will be the first of the three retaining walls.

Foundation trench for first retaining wall - the Riedsbach is to the left of the picture
Although the wall will be very tall, most of it will be buried.  The driveway and carport will be directly on top of the foundation plate.

Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Everything on the roof?

Last week the weather was no good for the builder to do anything except send me some bills.  This morning we awoke to fresh falls of snow and sleet.  Better weather must start soon, surely.

Everything has been moved up on to the roof of the cellar.  At the front edge are the light shafts for the table tennis room windows.

Inside the Bobcat.  In addition to twp joysticks, it has five (5!) pedals.  Perhaps they'll let me have a go.

This thing has also arrived.  The Bobcat is resting its scoop on it - to stop it blowing away?  It's a vibration roller and compactor, by the way.

Montag, 11. März 2013

Mystery no more - riddle of columns resolved

At last I know for sure what the columns are for.  They will hold up a re-enforced concrete wall along the front of the house but just below ground level.  The bassalt facing for the main front of the house will then sit on this.

Also fresh today, the contract with the roofing firm was signed and the scaffolding contractor selected.

It's just a shame that snow, rain and freezing temperatures have returned for the rest of the week - looks like it will be "all stop" again tomorrow.

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Underground pillars

In the last day or so, block built mortared pillars have appeared along the fron edge of the cellar.  They are outside the insulation, and look quite permanently built.   I hope to find out what they are for during today.

Ringstasse side of cellar showing new pillars

Elsewhere, the road above where the connection to the waste water will go in has been dug up.  It looks to have been done very neatly, but the digger has been parked on the road overnight, making it not wide enough for cars.  That's not going to please the neighbours.

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Spring's here and the builder are back in action


At last the temperature has warmed up enough to allow the builders to carry on where they left off.  They have coated the outside of the cellar walls in a dark layer of special stuff which allows them to stick on the insulation.

Corner of cellar showing curve at front left of house

Insulation being allpied along Blütenweg side

The site looks a bit of a jumble, but I'm sure the experts have everything under control.

Shuttering, crane, portable shed and toilet (plus other sundry stuff) on site